Combining Workout and Romance: Fitness for Two

Joint fitness classes are not only an effective way to keep yourself fit, but also a great opportunity to get even closer with your partner. Paired training helps to find new points of interaction with a partner, to understand each other better, to strengthen trust in relationships. There is no wrong time for love, even in these cold days, so today we have compiled a list of programs that are suitable for practicing together.

How does paired fitness work? Classes for two are decided upon the basis of mutual understanding: the general training program helps to learn to listen and feel a partner, to understand his desires. The best suited programs for that are pair yoga, dance classes, for example, bachata, X-Gravity - "anti-gravity" training in the air using a special hammock - or split-classes with a trainer who will choose the best program option. The task of a fitness instructor is to create ideal conditions for achieving specific goals and to go through exercises with you with tactile contact to strengthen your relationships.

Joint training is also suitable for those who have been married for a long time, as well as for newly met couples. Physical activity in a fitness club or outdoors gives you a change of atmosphere, provides an opportunity to diversify relationships, get to know a partner from the other side and, of course, brings emotionally together, - says Jane Walston, an expert in the group programs of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit. - Such training will be even more effective if there is a common goal, for example, to lose weight or overcome a marathon.

Joint exercises in the gym will be very useful: for example, exercises with a med ball - squats, twisting with the transfer of the ball to the partner. During training, partners can help each other with stretching, support and insure their beloved partner, and also provide with much needed support with leg press, squats and pushups. You will be charged with energy, eliminate all of your negative emotions by participating in the martial arts programs - the good ol’ boxing sparring will be a great entertainment and an interesting experiment for the couple. Even more benefits can be obtained from outdoor training - and this is skiing, running, hiking, walking, cycling and much more.

During a workout, endorphins are produced – these are the hormones of happiness, not to mention the increase in libido. Joint fitness classes are particularly useful after work. According to statistics, it is for this period of time there are more quarrels, since the accumulated fatigue, as a rule, spills on the closest person, - says Jane Walston. - Training allows you to reset the negative emotions, it can be compared with a session of physical psychotherapy.

When choosing how to spend the most romantic holiday of the year, remember the rule that opposites attract each other, so, you can easily find new points of contact by doing joint fitness.

Stay fit, stay happy and Godspeed!