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Walt March, Antony Sturdee

The authors of this mystic writing send their hero on a difficult mission: investigate the cruel double slayings and correct the mistakes made during his last years. 

He shares his past, present, and future views
of the world as he experiences the criminal investigation. Some may find the hero's perspective cruel, but the truth can't always be sweet.

For harmonization, the narration is supplemented with 173 poems and fourteen professional illustrations, which enhance the readers' sensations.  

I tried to prove that one can never prove.
I tried to say that one can never tell.
Among the closest people in my life,
I sought clarity, but I quickly failed.
In this persistent never-ending strife,
I cannot find a thing that I have gained.
While walking through the labyrinth of life,
I never cracked, and stronger I became!..

With great respect we would like to present the text and audio format of the book. It has 168 reading pages (14 illustrations are presented on 18 pages).

7 Chapters of the Book

1. THE FIRST DAY. What Is to Be, Will Be.
2. You Are Your Own Judge.
3. THE SECOND DAY. Any Man Can Do what Another Man Has Done.
4. THE THIRD DAY. Live Without the Right to Make a Mistake.
5. THE FOURTH DAY. Outwit Destiny or the Right to the Truth.
6. THE FIFTH DAY. One Can Conquer Alone. Booty Feels the Fear.
7. THE SIXTH DAY. There Are Times when the Mountain Goes to Mahomet.
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